PVC Granules

While the use of PVC Granules finds many different application areas, control is provided for some special applications with some standards especially in Europe and America. Only “phthalate” and “heavy metal content” are not considered sufficient, and compliance with the standards of ESSENTIAL ORGANIC COMPONENTS EMISSION is sought, especially for PVC raw materials used in indoor areas such as home, office. These standards are DIBt (October 2010) and AgBB (August 2012) and are generally preferred by countries such as Germany, France and England.

In the hose applications that are in contact with milk, EKP-10 and EKP-15 are offered to the service of our customers, especially using raw materials suitable for food.

The burning behavior (ignition, horizontal / vertical burning rate and melting behavior) of the materials used in the internal structures of the motor vehicles must comply with the ECE-R118 regulation. It is a legal obligation to test the materials used in the internal structures of vehicles carrying more than 22 passengers in Europe and in our country according to the regulation of ECE-R118 (95/28 / AT) . ECE-R118 regulation supplies the materials used in the interior of the vehicles; Annex-6 Horizontal burning rate, Annex-7 Melting behavior and Annex-8 Vertical burning speed, we have our products that have been tested in 3 different ways.

Our standard products, EKP-1040 Yellow and EKP-4070 Gray, are used for industrial purposes in accordance with the ECE-R118 (95/28 / AT) regulation. Upon request, test results are also shared.

As Ekmen Plastik, we also meet these demands from our customers and prepare special formulas according to the application and ensure that our customers pass these mandatory tests.