Rigid PVC Granule

We will be happy to meet the demands of our valued customers in the production of RIGID PVC GRANULE (uPVC) with our twin screw extruder project that we will implement very soon. We will present SERT PVC GRANULE (uPVC) in three main sectors to our customers in line with their demands.

Rigid PVC Granule Production and Usage Areas

Rigid PVC granule is generally used in the electrical & electronics and construction industry. However, it is also frequently preferred in the furniture industry. It is used in the furniture industry, especially in edge bands and furniture profiles.
Rigid PVC Granule Usage Areas

Rigid PVC granules are frequently used in the electrical and electronics industry. All PVC granules we produce are 100% compatible with all materials in the industry.

Rigid PVC Granule Properties
Rijit PVC Granül

High polymer resin, various additives and auxiliary substances are used in the production of PVC granules. After these materials metering, gluing, plasticizing and pelletizing processes, PVC granule raw material comes out.