Our company, created a method to ensure quality and fallow it more than 40 years – Quality starts with the supply of good and constant stability raw materials, continues with controlled production and ends with customer satisfaction. In accordance with this understanding we give great importance to the supply of raw materials in particular. This process plays a key role in constant quality products. Both domestic and foreign suppliers, legal representative of foreign suppliers in Turkey know very well how much importance we give to our sensitivity and our diligence in this matter.

At first stage, raw material requirements are defined, and after discussion with suppliers for right choice TDS and MSDS documents are controlled for Reach and RoHS. Ease of handling during manufacture is considered always at first, controlled test samples are send for conformity assessment 6 months performance and gain the production process. The production performance of our new products is first checked in our pilot scale Krauss Maffei KMD 35-26 / L machine. Then, performance tests of our produced granules are checked in our physical laboratory (density (g / cm3), hardness (Shore-A), elongation (%) and tensile strength (MPa), water absorption (% w / w)] and evaluated. the decision is made. Then, our products are taken to the production line and delivered to our customers on time and in proper packaging.

As Ekmen Plastik, the ISO 9001 standard, which defines the conditions to be applied and forms the basis of certification, is updated to establish and develop the Quality Management System in order to increase customer satisfaction. In addition, the product quality certificate, which is valid in most of the Russian-speaking countries and whose material shipment is requested, has been obtained and updated by GOST-R (Russian Norm).


ISO 45001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001 certificate