PVC Granule

PVC Granules


What is PVC Granule?
PVC Granule, also known as Compound, is an extremely durable, chemical resistant
As a result of processing the wastes of polyethylene, which is an engineering plastic, in exruder machines
consists of. Polyethylene is called PE in short in the industry. The PVC Granule we produce are dry
and stored in moisture-free storage areas.
PVC Granule is a product that is easy to manufacture, affordable and resistant to environmental conditions.
has gained an important place in the industrial sector. against fire, external factors, combustion, moisture, water, harsh weather
It is resistant to conditions and rodents.
Thanks to its ease of production, flexible structure, affordable cost and resistance to environmental conditions, it is widely used.
has usage area. Being recyclable is another positive feature.
PVC Granules, which are widely used in daily use, artificial leather flooring materials,
soft toys, low and high voltage cables, water – gas and petrol hoses, door, window
edges etc. many products are produced from plasticized PVC Granule.
It has different dimensions of durability and flexibility. When choosing granule, the usage area is in front.
should be kept in the background. We carry out productions in line with the needs and wishes of our customers.
There are also different color options available.
Granule, Medical PVC Granule, Rigid PVC Granule, Insoles PVC Granule product categories are available.
PVC Granule is basically divided into 2; Hard PVC Granules and Soft PVC Granule.

Rigid (polyvinylchloride) PVC Granule

Rigid PVC Granule is also known as polyvinylchloride. Resistant to external factors, fireproof
It is widely used due to its durable and hard structure. More pipes, window profiles, doors
production, wall coverings, etc. used in the fields.

Soft (flexible) PVC Granule

Soft PVC Granule, also known as flexible, is metallized due to its low heat stability.
Adheres easily to surfaces. Resistant to external factors, flexible, easy to process
known for its use. Toys, hose types, low and high voltage cables,
gloves, medical product etc. The products are produced from soft PVC granules. Wide area of use
has. Most plastic products are manufactured from a plasticized soft PVC Granules.

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