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PVC Compound production Indispensable plastics; building and construction, textiles, household appliances, machinery, electrical-electronics, automotive, medical, shoes, white goods, agriculture, furniture, etc. product and It protects the structure. Of course, the usage area of each of these plastics are expected to have different properties. For this reason, plastics The raw materials used in production vary. According to the area we use, the number of features and competencies we expect from plastic materials can reach hundreds or even thousands. It is also necessary to use Compound to achieve this diversification. Being heat resistant, affordable, impact resistant, resistant to sunlight, having strength values such as elongation and tensile are realized with the compound.


PVC Compound production is a combination of different materials. It means that they are brought together and mixed with high temperature and pressure. PVC Compound is the material obtained by processing various chemicals. Bond formation of heat-treated and pressurized thermoplastic materials for PVC Compound formation new products are produced. First of all, waste plastic materials are converted into anchors.The plastic raw materials added later are melted in the machines and is mixed. At the end of these processes, it is converted into PVC compound. Different production takes place in the scale of durability, flexibility, density, hardness and color. PVC rotating in the same direction to perform Compound model for the twin screw extruder machine is needed. It also has new features and is cheaper with this machine. It is also possible to produce materials.


PVC Compound’s low production cost and recyclability are among the reasons that increase its usage rate As it is known, the raw material of plastic production is petroleum are produced and their extinction period in nature is quite long. For this reason back Being recyclable and cost-effective provides a great advantage.


PVC Compound production basically has two types as rigid and soft;

Hard compound production:

also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, is known for its durability and resistance to external factors. Requiring more durability such as pipes, window profiles, doors used in the fields.

Soft compound production:

known as flexible, is known for its durable, flexible and easily workable properties against external factors. Mostly low and high voltage cables, medical The products are used in areas such as toys. Most of the plastic products are obtained from plasticized soft PVC compound, so the usage area is very common.

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