Particularly, the issue of compliance with human health has gained importance in all of the plastics produced recently. In this context, the leading companies of the industry pay attention to the fact that the PVC granules they use in floor production do not contain phthalates. As Ekmen Plastik, we periodically test the heavy metal and phthalate content of the granules we produce to be used in the manufacture of the base. Below are our PVC granule products, which we produce as a standard for different applications of sole manufacturing.

For Rain Boots
For Sneakers Shoe Soles
For Slipper Soles
For Shoe and Boots Soles
For Sandals Manufacturing
Slip Soles Manufacturing

Insoles PVC Granules Usage Areas

Insoles PVC Granule

Insoles PVC is widely used in the shoe industry. Shoe soles made of PVC extend the life of the shoes.

Insoles PVC Granules Features

Insoles PVC Granule Production

Insoles provide many features for shoe soles with the components contained in PVC Granule. It is an indispensable product for shoe soles with the flexibility it brings, as well as the flexibility it brings. Ekmen Plastik produces the highest quality PVC Granules for Insoles by considering your comfort and safety.

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