Injection PVC Granule
Injection PVC Granule It is expected to resist sunlight, UV, water and water vapor, oil and bacteria / rodents, especially from PVC parts used in different shapes in automotive, white goods, electronics and exterior applications. Our PVC granules that we produce for injection are formulated to meet these needs and are presented to our customers. In order to increase the production performance of manicas with different technologies produced in different years, the formula suitable for each machine is provided by making the necessary determinations at the machine head. For this reason, we have special formulas for each customer.

injection PVC Usage Areas


It protects the injection PVC surfaces especially against sunlight, UV rays, bacteria and steam.

injection PVC Granule Properties


High polymer resin, various additives and auxiliary substances are used in the production of PVC granules. After these materials metering, gluing, plasticizing and pelletizing processes, PVC granule raw material comes out.

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