PVC Granule Production

Ekmen Plastik

Ekmen Plastik

Ekmen Kaucuk Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi was established in 1974 by Nedim EKMEN in Sanayi Mahallesi Istanbul in order to manufacture filled rubber for underground and antigron cables. Between 1977-1983, the company changed its title due to the restriction of the use of rubber in the cables and the promotion of the use of plastics as an alternative and in 1983 it was renamed as “Ekmen Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi”. In this period, PVC granule production started.



PVC Granule for Cables

There is a very large production network in the cable industry and mainly PVC Granule; It is used in four main titles as insulation, sheath, filling and TTR. Our company, which produces in accordance with international standards and customer demands, has put its formulas in the standard with its know-how and experience and has been offering products suitable for the following areas of use.

PVC Granule for Hoses

Depending on the application it is used for, UV resistance (continuous sun contact), cold resistance, rodent and bacteria resistance, pressure resistance, oil and steam resistance and suitability for contact with food for use in milking systems are specific features expected from hoses. The raw materials to be used and their ratios are adjusted according to the standard demands and application requirements of the customers. As Ekmen Plastik, our products, which we produce as standard, are used for a long period in the applications listed below and are accepted by the customers.

PVC Granule for Gaskets

Today, PVC granules are preferred especially in systems where application areas such as sealing and dust retention come to the fore in terms of both water resistance and economic suitability. Depending on the application it is used, UV resistant, cold resistant, rodent and bacteria resistant gaskets and wicks are preferred by our customers. Our company, which supplies raw materials to this sector for a long time, has products of constant quality and stability, which are seated according to international standards. At the same time, we develop formulas in the following areas according to the features required by our customers and application.

PVC Granule for Soles

Particularly, the issue of compliance with human health has gained importance in all of the plastics produced recently. In this context, the leading companies of the industry pay attention to the fact that the PVC granules they use in floor production do not contain phthalates. As Ekmen Plastik, we periodically test the heavy metal and phthalate content of the granules we produce to be used in the manufacture of the base. Below are our PVC granule products, which we produce as a standard for different applications of sole manufacturing.

Medical PVC Granule

PVC granule is a raw material used in the medical industry for many years besides its industrial use. There are various medical products that are in contact with the human body such as oxygen mask, connectors, and in contact with blood, serum and liquid drugs such as Nebule sets, catheters. However, it has different standards and conditions of use. Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be very sensitive and the rates should be decided by considering the conditions of use of the end product. The use of these products is provided by the ISO 10993 standard.

PVC Granule for Injection

It is expected to resist sunlight, UV, water and water vapor, oil and bacteria / rodents, especially from PVC parts used in different shapes in automotive, white goods, electronics and exterior applications. Our PVC granules that we produce for injection are formulated to meet these needs and are presented to our customers. In order to increase the production performance of manicas with different technologies produced in different years, the formula suitable for each machine is provided by making the necessary determinations at the machine head. For this reason, we have special formulas for each customer.

Special Products

While the use of PVC Granules finds many different application areas, control is provided for some special applications with some standards especially in Europe and America. Only “phthalate” and “heavy metal content” are not considered sufficient, and in compliance with FLY ORGANIC COMPONENTS EMISSION standards, especially for PVC raw materials used in indoor areas such as home, office, are sought. These standards DIBt (October 2010) and AgBB (August 2012) and are generally preferred by countries such as Germany, France, and the UK

Rigid PVC Granule

With our twin screw extruder project that we will realize very soon, we will be happy to provide the demands of our valued customers in the production of RIGID PVC GRANULE (uPVC). In line with the demands, we will offer our customers RIGID PVC GRANULE (uPVC) in three main sectors.