PVC Granules are preferred especially in systems where application areas such as sealing and dust retention come to the fore in terms of both water resistance and economical suitability. Depending on the application it is used, UV resistant, cold resistant, rodent and bacteria resistant gaskets and wicks are preferred by our customers. Our company, which supplies raw materials to this sector for a long time, has products of constant quality and stability, which are seated according to international standards. We also develop formulas in the fields listed below according to the features required by our customers and application.


Gasket PVC Granule Usage Areas

contalık pvc granül

It is used in many areas including gaskets, PVC doors, windows, automotive spare parts. Commonly used areas are as follows.

PVC Granule for Gasket Features

contalık pvc granül

Gasket PVC is more preferred than flexible and durable and cost advantage. PVC Granule selection for gasket is as important as the production methods. As Ekmen Plastik, we produce PVC Granules for use in the field of sealing with more than 40 years of experience and quality.

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