Cable PVC Granule

There is a very large production network in the cable industry and mainly Cable PVC Granule; It is used in four main titles as insulation, sheath, filling and TTR. Our company, which produces according to international standards and customer demands, has put its formulas into the standard with its knowledge and experience it has created throughout its 40-year production life and offers products suitable for the following areas of use.

Cable PVC Usage Areas


Cable PVC is used in various areas such as home, office, factory. It is used in almost every installation with its different types. Cable PCV is the most preferred cable type with its quality and durability. The main areas of use are as follows.

Cable PVC Granule Features

Gasket PVC Granule

PVC cables stand out especially with their durability. The useful life of PVC cables extends up to 5o years. As Ekmen Plastik, we have been producing PVC Granules for the most durable cables for 40 years with our REACH and ROSH certificates.

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