PVC Granule Manufacturers


Ekmen Plastik, one of the most rooted PVC Granule manufacturers in Turkey

It was founded in 1974 by Nedim EKMEN with a single production line in Sanayi Mahallesi Istanbul, in order to manufacture filling rubber for underground and antigron cables, which first started production under the name Ekmen Rubber Industry and Trade Limited Company. Depending on the restriction of the use of rubber in cables by TSE between 1977-1983 and the encouragement of the use of plastic as an alternative, the company changed its name and in 1983 it was renamed as “Ekmen Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi”. In this period, PVC granule production started.

Ekmen Plastik, which has prioritized customer satisfaction since 1974, continues to produce for its customers with the knowledge and experience it has brought over the years. Although Ekmen Plastik has all the necessary quality certificates, it never compromises on the quality of its products.

Ekmen Plastik has been producing Soft and Hard PVC granules since the day it started its production life. Unlike other PVC Granule manufacturers, it continues to work with the desire to always be better by adding more innovative features in PVC Granule production, which does not break its line and determines as its field of expertise.

Ekmen Plastik is among the PVC Granule manufacturers with more product range. The products produced are as follows;

-Cable PVC Granule

-Rigid PVC Granule

-Injection PVC Granule

-Sealing PVC Granule

-Medical PVC Granule

-Hose Holder PVC Granule

And it is made in special productions according to the special requests of the customers.