Medical PVC Granule

PVC granule is a raw material used in the medical industry for many years besides its industrial use. There are various medical products that are in contact with the human body such as oxygen mask, connectors, and in contact with blood, serum and liquid drugs such as Nebule sets, catheters. However, it has different standards and conditions of use. Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be very sensitive and the rates should be decided by considering the conditions of use of the end product. The use of these products is provided by the ISO 10993 standard.

Generally, the features of our products;

– Excellent Transparency
– Complies with USP Class VI, Reach regulation, RoHS directives
– May be caused by radiofrequency.
– Phthalate, Tin, BPA and Latex-free
– Suitable for ETO and Steam Sterilization

Especially in some applications, we have standard products that have proven themselves.

EKP-MG55E – Black Syringe Gasket
EKP-MG65E – Connector
EKP-MG75E – Oxygen mask
EKP-MG80E – Serum / Blood and Air Hose
EKP-MG90E – Catheters
EKP-MG62E – Ambu Sets

Medical PVC Granul Usage Areas


Medical PVC is mostly preferred for disposable products used in healthcare. General usage areas of Medical PVC Granule are as follows.

Medical PVC Granule Features

medikal pvc granül

The fact that the products produced for use in the medical field have direct contact with the human body means that the products produced are so careful and high quality. Ekmen Plastik, taking into account all these conditions, produces Medical PVC Granules in accordance with the required quality regulations for you with years of experience.

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