Depending on the application it is used for, UV resistance (continuous sun contact), cold resistance, rodent and bacteria resistance, pressure resistance, oil and steam resistance and suitability for contact with food for use in milking systems are specific features expected from hoses. The raw materials to be used and their ratios are adjusted according to the standard demands and application requirements of the customers. As Ekmen Plastik, our products, which we produce as standard, are used for a long period in the applications listed below and are accepted by the customers.

Braided PVC Hoses
Garden Irrigation Hoses
Spiral Hortumlar
Pressure Resistant Natural Gas Hose
Shower Cabin Hoses
Fire Hoses
Milking Hoses

Hose PVC Granule Usage Areas

Hose PVC Granule

Hose PVC Granule holder is used in many areas such as garden, industry, ventilation, ventilator, construction. The quality and durability of hoses exposed to harsh conditions is important. The main usage areas of PVC for hose are as follows.

  • PVC braided hoses
  • Garden Watering Hoses
  • Pressure Resistant Natural Gas Hoses
  • Spiral Hoses
  • Shower Cabin Hoses
  • Fire Hoses
  • Milking Hoses

PVC Granule for Hose Features

Hose PVC Granule

Hoses should be products resistant to pests and insects, as they are widely used in hot, cold weather conditions and garden areas. Ekmen Plastik, with its experience of more than 40 years, produces Hose PVC Granule, considering all the factors mentioned above.

  • Extremely Flexible
  • Resistant to Extreme Cold and Heat
  • High Pressure Resistant
  • Non Stick and Leak Proof
  • Low cost
  • Fade Resistant
  • UV Resistant

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